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Glasgow Celtic Encourage Evander Sno

Sunday, 30 September 2012

As news before calling NEC Nijmegen midfielder Evander Sno suffered a heart attack when down against Feyenoord, now comes the support of other parties.
Schrikmoment voor duizelige Evander Sno (RKC Waalwijk - Go Ahead Eagles)
This time, words such moral support as expressed by one of the Glasgow Celtic team ever use the services of a man of 25 years.

In a statement through their official website, Scottish football giants said: "Obviously, all the thoughts and best wishes of everyone at the club along with Evander [Sno] and his family at this time.

"We believe Evander can also count on the support of the entire family [Glasgow] Celtic."

Evander Sno, 25, saved his life by the pacemaker when it fell ill with symptoms of heart while diving competition Eredivisie. Although still able to walk off the field, the man who defended Celtic from 2006 to 2008 are required to stay in the hospital.

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Exercise headquarters Zenit St. Petersburg sent a Fake Bomb

The arrival of Hulk to Zenit St. Petersburg was not always greeted by Zenit fans. Players whose full name is Givanildo Vieira de Souza Zenit fans protested because the game has not been satisfactory in Zenit.

In fact, Hulk brought with funds that are not cheap. Clubs should be made ​​by Luciano Spalleti spend of € 50 million to bring the Hulk from Porto.

Together with Axel Witsel, Hulk is expected to help Zenit returned to number one Russian League, but the Brazilian has not showed his strength as one sharp striker in Europe.

In the Champions League, their unexpected 0-3 defeat of Malaga. And in the Russian League match against Lokomotiv Moscow, Hulk cs only a 1-1 draw, maybe it's also what makes fans upset.

Reuters reported, a fake bomb was found in the Hulk picture Zenit training camp. Not only that, the image is equipped with the inscription 'Hulk please go!'.

"We do not deny this news but we also did not want to comment further on this," said club spokesman.

This case of course disturb the internal problems of joining a club Zenit players protested because their salaries are not the equivalent of Hulk and Witsel.
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ACC Technology In Football Shoes Nike

Technology All Conditions Control (ACC) allows the surface to maintain a level of football boots friction, touch and control the ball the same in both wet and dry conditions.

The advantage of the ACC was created by special handling during the development of shoe upper materials to provide a consistent sense of the ball at any time.

Wherever football is played, the weather took part in London alone during the season, an average of 125 days will have rain, which makes receiving and passing the ball to be quite difficult even when performed by the best player though.

All Conditions Control (ACC) of Nike football boots to make sure the surface can support consistent friction between the shoe to ball in wet conditions allowing players to feel a touch on the ball as when playing in dry weather.

There is a need for consistent touch and feel on the ball while playing in wet weather are opinions expressed many football players who bincangkan with Nike design team, including Andres Iniesta of Barcelona

Nike football boots combine the latest design innovations and performance, with shoes to match every style of play. All conditions control (ACC) is now available in all of football boots including Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII, Tiempo Legend IV, CTR360 Maestri III danTotal 90 Laser IV.

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Picture Cross Neymar Reaping Christians Protest

Photos Nyemar crucified in Placar magazine covers protests from clergy associations in Brazil (CNBB). Neymar habit of diving makes it one of the leading sports magazine in the Brazilian Neymar tease by showing photos like Jesus crucified on the front cover.

CNBB published an open letter signed by their president, Cardinal Raymundo Damasceno Assis and Dom Leonardo Ulrich Steiner Sekjan filed as a sign of protest against the cover Placar deemed insulting religion. The letter, published on the cover of a magazine called CNBB Placar it as an insult to the Christian faith.

"Reverend Brazilian Society offended by the cover of the sports where appearance of Jesus is shown as a football player's face," said an open letter on the official site CNBB.

Despite understand the freedom of expression, but CNBB assess the photo has been exceeded. They consider it ridiculous action Placar magazine and show contempt for one's beliefs by using the image of Jesus for commercial action.

"This action is also disrespectful and insulting the sacred beliefs for Christians simply to attract the attention of the crowd."

CBNN also have collected an online petition to oppose this and cover Neymar has netted more than 7000 signatures.
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FIFA Announces 11 City of the 2018 World Cup organizers

International Football Federation (FIFA) has established 11 cities in Russia as the organizer of the 2014 World Cup. Twelve stadiums were also appointed to hold 64 matches.
Sepp Blatter hadir dalam pengumuman 11 kota penyelenggara Piala Dunia 2018/Dok.
The cities include Moscow, St Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Sransk, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, and Ekaterinburg.

Special impression focused on the capital Moscow. Because the two stadiums, Luzhniki Stadium, and the Spartak Stadium represents the most congested city in Europe. Not to mention, Luzhniki Stadium is projected as the opening match and final venue.

The event was also attended by FIFA President Sepp Blatter. Thus even with Russia's Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko and Russian national team coach Fabio Capello.

"The announcement of the cities where the organizers was the first concrete step to present the 2018 World Cup," Blatter said, as reported by the official FIFA website.

"They gave a decisive contribution to the success of the most popular sporting event. We look forward to productive cooperation on the way to the first World Cup in Eastern Europe," said Blatter.

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So Coach Roy Keane Turkish club Kasimpasa

The former famous Manchester United, Roy Keane get a new job. Seats coaching Turkish Super League club, Kasimpasa soon be his.
Roy Keane/Getty Images
Keane himself has reached an agreement with the club management personnel. It was stated by the vice president of Kasimpasa, Hasan Hilmi Oksuz.

"We reached an agreement with Keane. He will be in Istanbul tomorrow (31/9) in the absence of surprises happen," said Hasan Hilmi Oksuz to AA.

"We will benefit from his experience. We believe he can bring the glory of this club," he added.

Profession coach no stranger to Keane. Previously, the Republic of Ireland's national men semapat a manager Ipwich Town and Sunderland.
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Involved Accident Deadly, Boris Vukcevic Critical

Friday, 28 September 2012

Hoffenheim midfielder Boris Vukcevic, reportedly involved in a deadly accident on Friday (28/9). As a result of the incident, Vukcevic is now in critical condition in hospital.

TSG Hoffenheim midfielder 22-year-old was in an accident not far from where his team practice in Sinsheim.

Car driven by Boris Vukcevic then reportedly lost control and crashed into a truck coming from the opposite direction near Bammental, in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Vukcevic immediately rushed to the Hospital of Heidelberg because the condition is severe enough, while the truck driver suffered only minor injuries.

Vukcevic was immediately taken to the hospital by helicopter after it suffered serious injuries to his head.

Arriving at the hospital, Vukcevic immediately underwent surgery and is currently in critical condition.

"The news really shook us. Entire team, coaching staff, and everyone was shocked Hoffenheim. We will continue to support Boris and his family," said Hoffenheim general manager, Andreas Muller, told Bild.

Vukcevic is a Croatian-born player and a graduate of the academy Stuttgart before moving to Hoffenheim in 2008. He is one of the leading players coach Markus Babbel and always appear in all Bundesliga matches this season.
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Refer Balotelli Again with Raffaella Fico

Was stopped the love relationship between Mario Balotelli with Raffaella Fico some time ago. But now they decided to rebuild the bond between them.

The breakdown in the fabric of the love between Balotelli with Raffaella initially mediocre running like a young footballer who often have multiple sexual partners. However, to be unusual when Raffaella announced her pregnancy shortly after breaking up with Balotelli.

Cash it makes Balotelli shocked and asked the Italian model of DNA testing to prove its truth. In fact he considered Raffaella just looking for sensation by spreading the false news.

A few months later, Balotelli surprisingly announced the news that he had returned to the arms of her lover, who had dipacarinya over the past year and it is now reported that six months pregnant. Manchester City striker was then called on all parties to forget past problems and no longer mention it.

"I decided to come back with DNA Raffaella.Tes not be done and it has nothing to do with my decision. Going forward I will not ask for another test like that to anyone, not just Raffaella," Balotelli said as quoted by Football Italia.

"I apologize for what happened in the last few months and to do what he had said and written," said the 22-year footballer.

"I ask you all once again for the honor of our personal lives in the future should remain private, that deal has been taken by me and Raffaella."

"No further statements or interviews," said Balotelli.
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In Greece, Brothel & Funeral Home Links Clubs Giannis Batziolas

Economic trouble making Greek clubs must turn the brain to get a sponsor. As a result, the brothel and the funeral home was digamit sponsorship.

Greece's economy is currently giddy with the winding number of problems and the debt crisis. So for a football club, not necessarily easy thing to look for companies that are willing to be a sponsor.

A football club then come up with a unique solution, namely to attract local brothel to become a sponsor that adorned his team uniform.

Voukefala, from the city of Larissa, revealed an unusual agreement as part of an agreement between the club a brothel Soula.

"When we announced to the players that a brothel would be sponsor, they immediately want to know what would be a bonus," quipped club president Giannis Batziolas to NovaSport FM Mirror quoted.

"Her proposal was made just for economic reasons. Immediately after the bid submitted, we can not refuse," continued Batziolas brothel adding that it is a company authorized by the value of assets of two million euros.

Judging from the point of view of the club and the local brothel, the agreement may be quite beneficial. But with football clubs are always closely related to children and adolescents (under age) it is quite likely there will be a counter to these Voukefala step.

Another unique step, which may tend to be "safe" from the controversy, was taken by the club who have signed kesepekatan Paleopyrgo links with a local funeral home.

"This is a matter to be able to continue to survive (in the midst of economic trouble). Funeral home owner is a friend and we agreed," said Lefteris Vasiliou general manager as well as club players Paleopyrgo.

"We're going through a very difficult season because of the economic crisis. We no longer have a sponsor for the last three years," he continued.

With the deal now Paleopyrgo teams will begin wearing black uniforms, which often is associated with a sign of mourning, with a large cross in the middle.

"I've been showing his jersey to the players and their love. Also had a request from a number of people to make more jersey," he said cheerfully.
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Barcelona boycotted Because of Gilad Shalit, the Israeli Army Ex Comes In El Clasico

Barcelona had to face the reality of less reassure. Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, called on people to boycott the country's Barca. The reason, the policy Barcelona to let Guilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier to watch El Clasico match against Real Madrid on Monday, October 8th, 2012 next. Meanwhile, in the Catalan himself, BDS Catalunya, Barcelona supporter of anti-Israel group, sent a petition to oppose the presence of Gilad Shalit. In fact, Barca did not invite the Israeli army, only to meet the demand to watch Barca vs Madrid match.

El Clasico is always fierce. Barcelona-Real Madrid fight constantly highlight the attention of the world. This time, the hot tension burst out of the field. This is caused by the presence of Guilad Shalit, an Israeli to the match held on Monday, 8 Okober future. Attendance at the Camp Nou Guilad Shalit was invited protests from Hamas. They urged Barca to change the policy.

As a form of protest, there will be no TV station in Gaza that broadcast the game Barcelona. And there are no newspapers will proclaim the Catalan club. Similarly, one high-ranking Hamas statement, Attallah Abu Al Subah, told IBTimes on Thursday (27/9).

In addition, in Catalan itself, there is a petition launched by BDS Catalunya, the Barcelona fans who oppose Israel. In a petition signed by 800 people, said that Barcelona Catalunya BDS action disproportionate.

The petition reads, "Since April, Gilad Shalit Israel is no longer a soldier. However, in the eyes of the Catalan and the rest of the world, he still represents the IDF (Israel Defence Force). "

"We were surprised to see Barcelona show a sense of friendship and sympathy for an Israeli who had been released from prison. In fact, up to now, there are about 4660 Palestinian prisoners in Israel, and Barcelona remain silent. "

Previously, Shalit was captured by Palestinian militants in a raid on Sunday, June 25, 2006. Shalit kidnapping was later used by the Palestinians to gain bargaining power. An Shalit will be released on the condition that Israel frees Palestinian prisoners 1000. The arrest was made Shalit Israel conducted military operations and threatened, the sky will fall if the Palestinians dare to injure the soldiers arrest 19-year-old.

Attendance at the Camp Nou Shalit could not be separated from his statement that he heard radio reports of sports throughout his detention, has made a strong and successful Shalit through hard times in custody. Gilad Shalit himself is a fan of Barcelona.

Barcelona via the official website had mentioned that they were not invited Gilad Shalit. They just received a request from the former Israeli soldiers to watch El Clasico. Barca said that three Palestinians were also going to watch El Clasico at Camp Nou: The President of the Palestinian Football Federation, soccer player Mahmoud Al-Sarsak, and Palestinian ambassador. Barcelona convinced that the Catalan club is always looking to promote peace and harmony in the Middle East.
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Fruitful Hamsik The sanctions kick from UEFA

Napoli, Marek Hamsik sanctioned ban on two Europa League games. Napoli Hamsik had missed the meet PSV Eindhoven (October 5) and the club Ukraine, Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk (October 26, 2012).

European Football Associations (UEFA) gives the sentence-induced 25-year-old player is now Napoli's 4-0 win over Sweden, AIK, 21 September 2012.

In the 74th minute, Hamsik involved struggle for the ball with AIK player, Nils-Eric Johansson, in the penalty box. Feeling encouraged by Johansson, Hamsik who fell on his feet and kicked it up to his opponent fell to the grass field.

As a result, the referee Clement Turpin Hamsik directly rewarded with a red card. While Johansson is only rewarded a yellow card.

Napoli coach Walter Mazzarri, is likely to rely on Omar El Kaddouri to replace Hamsik. If not, Goran Pandev and Lorenzo Insigne could be another option for the coach who plays as a central defender during the still actively playing it.

Currently, Napoli still finish top of Europa League Group F while the 2012-13 season. I Partenopei have the same points with Dnipro, who finished second with a value of 3. All new teams perform one game.

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Juventus Coach Accused Thus Causes Death of Two Girls

Loss of Antonio Conte that he was suspended 10 months due Calcioscommesse scandal, Massimo Carrera was promoted to interim coach (caretaker). He would lead the team in every game I Bianconeri for serving Conte.
Massimo Carrera/ Getty Images
Ironically, it is now Carrera bandwagon dragged to court and threatened with punishment. But not for Calcioscommesse problem. He is being investigated for his involvement in a fatal car accident and left two people dead.

As reported by, Carrera, along with two others, was accused of being the cause of death for their role in the accident. The decision in this case will be announced on October 9, after Carrera own request expedited hearing.

In case of accident, two 23-year-old woman lost their lives. They are Chiara Varani and Patrizia Paninforni, both died in the collision involving three cars on New Year's Eve last year.

When the occupants of the third car out to see the damage, Mercedes R-Class driven by Carrera hit the Ford Ka, and instantly killed one of the two women. While the other one lost their lives in the hospital.

Juve coach legal representative claimed that the lights on the highway at night was too vague, making it difficult for clients to see the wreck that lies in front of him. However, the victim's lawyer said it still saw the car was silent, which means that he can avoid the collision entirely.
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Barca goalkeeper Jose Pinto Adopt Action "Scorpion Kick" Higuita

Not complete it if talk football without mentioning names Colombian Rene Higuita. Eccentric goalkeeper is one of the best talents of the country of origin is South America.
Aksi Jose Pinto menirukan Rene Higuita. (Foto: Twitter Jose Pinto)
Higuita name suddenly into the spotlight when he repulsed the British kick the player, Jamie Redknapp in the fight which took place at Wembley Stadium, September 1995. Special, goalkeeper scored a fluent is brushed off the ball with his feet when he turned down the position of the body.

Apparently inspired action flamboyant Barcelona goalkeeper Jose Pinto. When the training session at the Camp Nou, 36-year-old player is also repeating the same activities performed Higuita.

"Creating action 'Scorpion Kick' training session, can you do it?" Pinto wrote on his Twitter account. If the actual game, Pinto can do it?
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Sinclair Break Record youngest Liverpool player

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Since they deal with Swansea City, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers ranks often rely on youth in his squad. This was back when he did lose Jerome Sinclair
Jerome Sinclair menjadi pemain termuda yang pernah tampil bagi Liverpool (Foto: Getty Images)
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers gives confidence to young players, Jerome Sinclair to graze with the other senior players. It happened at the Capital One Cup event, when the Reds face West Bromwich Albion on Tuesday (26/9).

Sinclair is the youngest player ever to defend the Liverpool first team. He recorded his debut at the age of 16 years and six days.

He beat the previous record was held by a talented wing-back Jack Robinson. At that time, Robinson made ​​his debut at the age of 16 years 250 days.

In third place was the youngest roster ever to play in the senior team Liverpool is Rahem Sterling. Back number 31 winger made ​​his debut this past March 24, at the age of 17 years 107 days.

Of the three names above, most often gain confidence Sterling Rodgers. In fact, Sterling was believed to be a starter in the match against Manchester United on Sunday (23/9).

Several Liverpool players diving ever debut at a young age is, Michael Owen 17 years 143 days, Robbie Fowler 18 years 169 days and Steven Gerrard 18 years 182 days.
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Neymar Lip-sync Call Me Maybe

Mark Santos commemorate the 100th year, young men and women, including Neymar and Santos staff perfunctory dancing and lip-synching to Carly Rae Jepsen-selling single, Call Me Maybe. Although look ridiculous, they look fun doing these activities. It is a fitting gift to mark a century of existence of one of the oldest football clubs in Brazil.
Neymar Lip-sync Call Me Maybe
Being in Santos seems very exciting every day. Perhaps the presence of the cheerleaders bikini skimpy little confusing. It could be that they invited the group Crystal Palace to make it look more festive.

Pie may not be able to help. However, imagine if Pele came out of the explosion of a large cake and then the seductive movements undress as did Marilyn Monroe version of Happy Birthday. It is definitely easier to be accepted.
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Totti Translucent 3-Big Player fertile Serie A

One goal is not enough to bring Francesco Totti AS Roma won three points against Sampdoria. I Giallorossi held 1-1 at the Stadio Olimpico on Wednesday (26/9).
Francesco Totti menembus jajaran 3-Besar pemain tersubur Serie-A (Foto: Action Images)
However, a feat achieved by 36-year striker. He managed to record 216 goals over 505 games with the team Wolves Italian capital.

Thus, Totti entry in the 3-Great scorer in the history of Serie-A. He also equaled a legend goals Inter Milan, AC Milan Giuseppe Meazza and Jose Altafini with the same number of goals.

Top scorer was held by Silvio Piola, with 274 goals and Gunnar Nordahl in second place with the acquisition of 225 goals. Not impossible, Totti established itself as the second top scorer in Serie-A.

In the current age, Totti is still the mainstay of front-line Rome. He only took ten goals to become the second player in the history of fertile Serie-A. (Joshua)

List of top ten players in the history of Serie fertile-A:
1. Silvio Piola (1929-1954): 274 gol/537 game
2. Gunnar Nordahl (1948-1958): 225 gol/291 game
3. Giuseppe Meazza (1929-1947): 216 gol/367 game
3. Jose Altafini (1958-76): 216 gol/459 game
3. Francesco Totti (1992 - ...): 216 gol/505 game
6. Roberto Baggio (1985-2004): 205 gol/452 game
7. Kurt Hamrin (1956/1971): 190 gol/400 game
8. Giuseppe Signori (1991-2004): 188 gol/344 game
8. Alessandro Del Piero (1993-2012): 188 gol/478 game
10. Gabriel Batistuta (1991-2003): 184 gol/318 game
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Neymar Bring Santos Recopa Sudamericana champions 2012

Brazilian starlet, Neymar, managed to bring his club, Santos, won the trophy Recopa Sudamericana 2012. Certainty is obtained after the club was nicknamed Peixe aka The fish was beat club Chile, Universidad de Chile, the second leg at the Estadio Municipal Paulo Machado de Carvalho, 26 September 2012.

Playing at home, Santos aggressive despite the absence of playmaker Paulo Henrique Ganso who recently moved to Sao Paulo. Arouca and Felipe Anderson cooperate to supply the ball to the front lines filled Andre and Neymar.

As a result, 28-minute running game, Neymar was able Universidad goalkeeper. Cooperation feed one or two with Andre in the penalty box, topped with a horizontal kick right foot Neymar that was dammed goalkeeper Jhonny Herrera. The score to 1-0.

Santos defender Bruno Rodrigo, do not want to miss to donate goals. Through a free kick situation released Felipe Anderson from the right side of defense Universidad, Rodrigo capable of heading the ball so it goes rattled the net. This goal also concluded a 2-0 victory for Santos.

Leg 1 between the two teams conducted in cage Universidad, Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Pradanos, 22 August. Both teams played a draw with the score 0-0. On these results, Santos entitled to win because a 2-0 aggregate advantage.

Recopa Sudamericana is a match between the winners of the Copa Libertadores (Santos/2011) and the Copa Sudamericana (Universidad/2011). For Santos, this being the first time the title was achieved in their history.
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Andre Santos Sentenced to 12 Months After Speeding on Highway

Arsenal left-back Andre Santos court banned for driving for 12 months after being found guilty by kecepataan sped above the maximum limit.
Andre Santos of Arsenal
The Brazilian national player called supercar driving his Maserati GranTurismo with a speed of 145 miles / hour.

Santos pleaded guilty in the incident at a hearing at Hendon Magistrates court. In addition, the court also fined € 4,500 for the 29-year-old man.

In the events that took place on August 17, 2011, the police had to struggle to follow the Brazilian national team player's car in a high speed while driving his car. Police finally managed to stop 29-year-old players near the Arsenal training camp.

In this season, Santos only played twice in an official match, compete with Kieran Gibbs who played well at left-back position.
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Real Madrid split into two camps?

Real Madrid split into two camps, the camp of Spain and Portugal camp. So that was released by Mundo Deportivo. Kubu Spanish players at Real Madrid, but Xabi Alonso, 'flag war' with The Special One. This conflict caused by Jose Mourinho's attitude towards Sergio Ramos in a game against Sevilla, and how Mou called the retainer Los Blancos as the 0rang "that does not put soccer as a priority".

Real Madrid dressing room heating. So that was mentioned by Mundo Deportivo. Los Blancos separate into two camps. That is, those who imply anti-Mourinho, and those still loyal to the coach. The anti Mourinho dominated by the Spanish players. Except for a few players like Xabi Alonso, who chose to be in the middle.

Meanwhile, the faction in favor of The Special One, dominated by the Portuguese players. Cristiano Ronaldo included in this list.

The trigger this split is therapy conducted by Jose Mourinho on Sergio Ramos. In the match against Sevilla at the Ramon Sanchez-Pijzuan, Madrid slumped 1-0 by Piotr Trochowski quick goals. At that time, Sergio Ramos who was born in Sevilla, Mourinho asked for permission to be allowed to survive overnight there. Ramos purpose, is hanging out with his family.

Jose Mourinho responded by membangkucadangkannya attitude Ramos Madrid crush resistance while Manchester City 3-2. Raphael Varane, the future French defender was chosen to replace Ramos.

In fact, before the line-up against Granada was announced, many believe Ramos will not be included in the starting XI. Although, at that time, observers record Madrid Mou wants to stop frequently pierced through dead balls.

Mou attitude which alienates Ramos is suspected as a trigger for the emergence of two camps in the Real Madrid dressing room. President Florentino Perez is expected to be able to cope with stress and make camp Anti Mourinho reconcile with the coach. However, this year's target of Madrid is the Champions League. And this is one reason why Perez pointed to The Special One as a coach.

No one can ascertain the truth 100% gossip delivered by Mundo Deportivo this.

Such as when Jose Mourinho criticized his players deemed not focus on football. Media suspect they, like Mesut Ozil, more like partying. Later, Ozil has denied that the critique of the 'Special One was referring to him and assured that the German midfielder actively practicing for camp Santiago Bernabeu.

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Barcelona Intend to Use Font Mental Disorders Work Girls

Something different may be seen in uniform Barcelona next season. Without changing the distinctive blue-red color, is said Barcelona will wear the font creation is a girl with mental disorders.

Font was created by Anna, a 27-year girl who had Down syndrome on a social project with disabilities to community foundations organized by the Catalan club.

As reported by, the Barcelona is currently conducting a study on the possibility of wearing these fonts on their primary uniform. But it still depends on the agreement between Barcelona by Nike as their uniform supplier.

Anna is a fan of Barcelona. Reportedly, Anna said he would be happy if his idea could be useful.
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Look forward Lionel Messi Birth of First Child Antonella Roccuzzo

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi, will soon become a father. Argentine international striker is being expecting her first baby from her lover, Antonella Roccuzzo.

Antonella is expected to give birth in late September or early October 2012. Earlier, Messi had his girlfriend's pregnancy secret. Until finally, he was born 25 years ago to reveal it at the beginning of June.

Recognition Messi ending intense speculation growing at the time. Penyabet World Player award in 2009, 2010 and 2011 is expose them to deliver after Argentina's 4-0 win over Ecuador in 2014 World Cup qualifying match.

At that time, gestational age 12 weeks Antonella step. Through Twitter, long-haired woman is revealed that he is very keen to give birth in September.

So is Messi who impatiently await the birth of his first son was. "Is the baby a boy or a girl? Yeah, man, "cried the player number 10 as reported by Sport360.

If it's a boy, of course Messi hopes to lose great talent was to the son. Junior Messi was expected to be as good as his father.
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QPR Match Program Launches with 3D Format

Premier League club, Queens Park Rangers are still entrenched in the bottom of the standings and on the board this season, they are still without a win.

Even so, for the affairs of the technology, they became number one in the EPL. Club owned Air Asia tycoon Tony Fernandes has become the first Premier League club to launch a magazine format program with 3D games.

Do not want to make hard fans, they also provide 3D ​​glasses for free to fans who purchase the game program.

"The program for our very popular game fans. But we wanted to try something different from other clubs and as a result, we issued a match program with 3D format, "said the editor of the Daily Mail quoted QPR.

The plan, program a 3D game began production on October 1 for a London derby match counter West Ham United.

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Former Miss Sport Croatia Tihana Nemcic So Coach Ball

The former beauty pageant finalist "Miss Sport" Croatia Tihana Nemcic making separate notes. He became the first woman appointed as a coach for a men's football team.
Tihana Nemcic/Sporza
Nemcic 24-year-old will train a team of five divisions Croatia, NK Viktorija Vojakovac, as confirmed on Tuesday (25/9).

"I as a head coach and have complete freedom to create and plan tactics team," said former women's soccer athletes to the media "24 Sata" (24 Hours).

"The players have been quite know how to play football, but it is still very much they need to know," said Nemcic, who played for 10 years in daughter team Dinamo Zagreb and had been called to the national team.

Nemcic said the status of the article is that now he does not need to be debated widely.

"When women and men have the same qualifications as a professional to train, then I see no reason why it can not coach the son."

In 2008, Nemcic were among the 15 finalists in the selection of "Miss Sport" Croatia.

He said, "The players listened to what I said and no problems. Our great team and we are all going to improve and strive to the top of the league."
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Incident Zidane -Matrix immortalized

The final match of the 2006 World Cup is certainly still remember the football lovers. Especially the gore incidents committed by French captain Zinedine Zidane, the Italian defender, Marco Materazzi.
Patung yang menggambarkan insiden antara Zidane dan Materazzi. (Foto: Dok. Football Espana)
The match was also the last game Zidane became anticlimactic for him. Due to the header, the soccer maestro should get a red card.

Now, try the incident immortalized through art. Two statues depicting the action of both players have made ​​as high as five feet.

Is an artist born in Algeria, Adel Abdessemed, who took the initiative to create a work of art from one of the soccer event that will be remembered throughout time. Today, the statue is on display in front of the Centre Pompidou modern art museum located in the French capital, Paris.

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Accident Benjamin Alonso Ezquerra, Junior Madrid player Death

Real Madrid were overwhelmed with grief. Because the junior players from the U-10, Benjamin Alonso Ezquerra, breathed his last after was involved in a traffic accident.
Real Madrid sedang berduka usai kehilangan talenta belianya. (Foto:
The events that befall Ezquerra happened when he crossed the street to pick up a solid middle of the ball. However, the poor can not be rejected after the player is hit by a passing vehicle.

"Real Madrid CF expressed his deep sorrow over the departure of young players Alonso Ezquerra and expressed sympathy for the families and relatives of the victims are now in a difficult time," the statement on the official website of El Real.

Through his Twitter account, the young midfielder Los Blancos, Alvaro Morata, also expressed his sympathy. "This club is a great family Ezquerra. Support we focused on the victim's family. Rest in peace," he said.

Ezquerra is a newly recruited players Madrid, precisely on June 11. Good-bye, Alonso Benjamin Ezquerra.
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Attacked on Twitter, Referee Liverpool-MU Police Report

Monday, 24 September 2012

Referee who led the match Liverpool versus Manchester United, Mark Halsey, under attack on microblogging site Twitter. He also reported the incident to the authorities.

Halsey, who returned to duty in March 2010 after recovering from throat cancer, made a number of controversial decisions while leading the match at Anfield on Sunday (23/09/2012). Two of the most highlighted his decision was a red card for Jonjo Shelvey in the first half and a penalty to Manchester United in the second round.

Decisions Halsey made a number of parties are not happy. Liverpool manager, Brendan Rodgers, a red card after the game questioned Shelvey and a penalty for Manchester United.

In the virtual world, Halsey was also attacked. Noted there are two tweet mocks disease he had suffered 51 years.

"I hope Mark Halsey to get cancer again and died," chirping account @ johnwareing1, while @ lfcjohn259 twitter account: "Mark Halsey should have died because of cancer"

Tweet from @ lfcjohn259 finally removed, while the account @ johnwareing1 even have disappeared completely.

However, Halsey still report the matter to the police Manchester. He asked the police to investigate.

"I can confirm that my family has filed a complaint with police. I'll talk to the police on Wednesday after I get back from the game (League Cup) Southampton vs Sheffield Wednesday," said Halsey is quoted by the Telegraph.

Attacks on Halsey was criticized by match officials organizations (Professional Game Match Officials Limited). They expressed support for Halsey.

"PGMO hate any abuse match officials, whether it is inside or outside the stadium," said their statement.

"Our main concern focused on Mark and his family, and like all the match officials, there is a team that will help them. Mark had the support of all his colleagues, and they will continue to support him this week."
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Former lover Leonardo Di Caprio, Bar Refaili Lured With Messi

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Name Bar Refaili certainly no stranger to the world of modeling world. She is one of Israel's top model was known in the world. Not only that, Refaili also had a relationship with Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio.
Bar Refaili/Yahoo
Name of the model re-sticking when making the controversial statement a few months ago about Cristiano Ronaldo.

"The only thing I thought when I saw Ronaldo play is very excessive hair oil," said I was a big fan of Barcelona.

It makes the boyfriend Ronaldo, Irina Shayk comment on the comments and discussed in the world of football.

This time, Refaeli returned to make a statement of interest. However, this time expressed things more positive. The models are very fond of Lionel Messi and watching the match Barcelona vs Granada directly.

According to him, Messi is very handsome and he praised the new haircut is the world's best players. "I particularly liked the hairstyle Messi."

He even put his picture with the costume Barcelona on his Twitter account.
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Toulouse goalkeeper Ali Ahamada Print Beautiful Goals

Exciting things happening in Ligue 1 match between Toulouse and Rennes, early this morning. Toulouse goalkeeper Ali Ahamada scored with a header, and to save his team from defeat.

As the game entered the 94th minute, Toulouse behind 1-2 from the visitors. Some people might think that could save keajaibanlah Les Pitchouns of a humiliating defeat at home.

However, there was a miracle. Starting from a free kick that sent Wissam Ben Yedder to the penalty box Rennes, Ahamada beautiful pass with a header with his back to goal. Score was changed to 2-2.

Being a rescue team defeat, Ahamada was then throws his pride. He said the goal would hunch was already there when he took forward to welcoming a free kick.

"At first it feels weird, but I actually got a shadow that I would have scored when jumping with his teammates to get the ball," said Ahamada to Beln Sport, as reported by Soccerway, Sunday (09/23/2012).

"But above all, I am happy for my team, which could eventually change the situation greatly. We deserved to get those results, after working hard to build an attack, "said the French national goalkeeper.
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Man. United Give Respect Hillsborough Tragedy

Manchester United really fulfill the promise to pay homage to the victims of Hillsborough tragedy before the game against Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday (23/9).

According to reports BBC Sport, Manchester United legend, Sir Bobby Robson, giving bouquet of flowers to the former Liverpool striker Ian Rush. Meanwhile, the second team captain, Steven Gerrard and Ryan Giggs, release 96 red balloons into the air to commemorate the victims.

Stands in the stadium as well as look more colorful mosaic that reads "The Truth" adorn the Kop, while "Justice" emblazoned clearly on Centenary Stands.

The tribute ceremony was complete with impeccable behavior of the two groups of supporters clubs. Red Devils fans even caught on camera giving a very warm applause on several occasions.

Both teams also entered the field with a jacket bertulisankan "96" on the back. The most inviting attention of course when Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra shook hands warmly. Beauty of togetherness.
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Alessandro Del Piero to number # 10

Alessandro Del Piero re-introduced to the Sydney FC fans more or less amounted to 2.000 at the Sydney Football Stadium.
Alessandro Del Piero - Sydney FC
Except this time Del Piero took the jersey will wear this season. Del Piero also showed the number one jersey # 10 as the identity on the club.

Del Piero also revealed his impressions during a week in Australia.

"I want to express my thanks to all of them. My first week here was perfect," said Del Piero, Sunday (23/9).

"A lot of good people and hopefully we can dedicate the title," he said.
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Jonjo Shelvey Quarrel with Sir Alex Ferguson

Sights of interest occurred in the match between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield on Sunday (23/9). The Reds midfielder, Jonjo Shelvey, seen arguing with the Red Devils manager Sir Alex Ferguson, after receiving a red card.

Jonjo Shelvey sent off after breaking United defender Jonny Evans, in the first round. Shelvey is considered a dangerous tackle and a straight red card by referee Mark Halsey.

Shelvey is not happy with the decision Halsey. He even got involved with some of the United players tensions.

However, the moment that the steal is when Shelvey was walking off the field. 20-year-old player was caught on camera arguing with Sir Alex Ferguson. They refer to each other and exchanged insults with each other.

According to the Daily Mail, after Shelvey walked toward the locker room, Ferguson looked a meaningful smile. Shelvey is threatened ban penalty in three games.
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Elena Gomez Being WAGs Latest in UK

Friday, 21 September 2012

Sexy and The City, Manchester City back ketambahan one WAGs are sexy and beautiful. Arrival Javi Garcia who joined Manchester City after trafficked from Benfica in August, coupled also with her ​​boyfriend who will be most fresh WAGs on the English Premier League.

This is the first time for Garcia grazing in the realm of England. Will need a little time to nurture Real Madrid players to adjust to the new environment in the city of Manchester. Although previously played for the Portugal team, Garcia did not feel strange because the family of languages ​​and cultures there is not much different from Spain.

Luckily, at the City a lot of players who speak fluent Spanish as Yaya Toure, Sergio Aguero and of course his compatriot David Silva.

But there is one thing that might be incriminating, Javi Garcia certainly misses her lover in Portugal. Luckily Elena Gomez, who works as a model is someone who is very understanding.

Elena Garcia followed immediately after the match counter Stoke City last week. In the match, scored a Javi The Citizens avoid a first defeat this season.

Javi and Elena and enjoy their time together with a walk in the shopping center City of Manchester. The couple looks tenderly walking while holding hands. Javi and Elena also not uncomfortable though surrounded by a herd of paparazzi. Javi as Elena as WAGs want to introduce the latest in the EPL.

The couple began dating in 2009, while still in uniform javi Real Madrid. Elena is an employee at a shoe store at the time, but now, thanks to her new status as a model Elena often graced magazines in Portugal.
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Players Iran Find Bomb At Game

Coloring terrible incident of the game that brings the Asian Champions League teams from Iran, Sepahan, and representatives of Saudi Arabia, Al-Expert, Wednesday, September 20, 2012. How not, a bomb exploded not far from the crowd of players and tennis court.

As reported by, both teams fought Foolad Shahr Stadium, Iran. At first no one noticed the bomb. The horror had happened when one of the players picked up a hard object from the grass as he walked over to his partner who was protesting to the referee on the sidelines.

The object thrown by a spectator who was disappointed along with various other hard objects, such as lighters and coins. But unexpectedly, the object suddenly explodes when thrown to the sidelines. The blast also accompanied by flames and thick smoke.

This incident makes both devices match up from the blast site immediately fled. So is the player numbered 40, which was accidentally discovered the bomb. Several other players also look away from the blast site.

Those who do not know who threw the bomb into the field. However, this incident took place shortly after the International Atomic Energy Agency expressed concern about Iran's uranium enrichment efforts and the development of nuclear weapons. Police are investigating the case. The match itself ended with the score goalless.
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Podolski Arsenal Plans to Create Tattoo

Lukas Podolski was transformed into a new predator Arsenal this season. It did not take long for the Gunners' quest for a replacement for Robin van Persie.

Podolski managed to appear charming four games at the beginning of Arsenal in the Premier League and unbeaten so far.

More recently, the player's new club related spoke. The players plan to make a tattoo symbol Arsenal.

"Most likely there will be in my left arm. However, not in the near future. Maybe a few more years, "he said.

Podolski is one who likes mentattoo body. He has a tattoo pictorial former club, FC Koln in the lower right arm.

"Cologne is very meaningful to me because I've been there quite a while, so I made ​​this tattoo as a sense of love and appreciation to the fans of Cologne. Arsenal are a great team and very likely related tattoo I made this club. Let's discuss this issue three to four years, "he concluded.
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Supporters club Napoli Fans Plugs Sweden

Supporters of hardline Italian club Napoli back acting up. They attacked fans Sweden's AIK Solna Europa League after fight, early this morning.

Attacks Napoli fans this time fairly brutal. They stabbed three people: two Swedish club's fans, plus a cafe owner.

According to ANSA news agency, the attack took place after a 4-0 win over Napoli in the match Solna Europa League Group F at the San Paolo, early this morning. As per reports of the local police, the attack began when fans Swedish club Piazza Borsa dinner at around 23:00 local time.

Suddenly, Napoli fans came wearing masks, armed with knives and a baseball cap. They stabbed two of his fans club Sweden
it only misses exposed legs and buttocks.

The stabbing victim again, cafe owners only briefly receiving treatment in hospital. He suffered minor injuries after trying to break up fights, and was allowed to go home without being treated.

Police are now looking for the perpetrators allegedly stabbing a hardline supporters "ultras." This incident is similar to what happened in 2010, where supporters of Napoli Ultras Liverpool fans stabbed 3.

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Cesc Fabregas So F1 racer

Barcelona football star, Cesc Fabregas began treading new career. In addition to football, he secretly began to pursue a new profession is a Formula One racing driver.

More recently, Fabregas had tried racing car simulator Mercedes F1 team's commonly used by Nico Rosberg. With the ability to drive a possessed he began trying to feel the sensation of racing in the virtual track.

"It's nice to be on the simulator Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 car. I hope that my driving skills are not too bad! Look at how I've done and who deserves to wear the crown of champions, "Fabregas said on his twitter account.

The event was held with the support of sponsor invites sportswear Fabregas to the headquarters of the Mercedes team. Titled Puma Race Off, this event also invites soccer stars such as Sergio Agüero, Bacary Sagna, and Michael Carrick to try over the profession so even new riders to race virtually alone.

Was rumored to be moving the team, Cesc Fabregas insists he did not intend to leave Barcelona. He denied rumors that he was not happy and wanted to lift the foot from the Camp Nou.

The 25-year-old player insists he was happy to be in the Camp Nou and will continue to fight for the Spanish giants. "When I signed here, it is the most interesting challenges in the course of my football career profesinal. Being in the Barcelona squad, meaning you have to be ready to compete with the other great players in the world. However, I love it, "said Cesc Fabregas.
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Tweet Racist To Chelsea slams Mikel

Side Chelsea to announce John Obi Mikel has closed her Twitter account after getting racist abuse linked with Juventus a 2-2 draw on Wednesday (19/9) in the Champions League.
John Obi Mikel mendapat serangan tweet rasialis usai laga kontra Juve. (Foto: Getty Images)
The player is considered to be the source of failure Chelsea secured the three points at Stamford Bridge. Kubu Juventus finally equalized goal by Fabio Quagliarella.

Assessed adverse fatal mistake his team, Mikel was a victim of racial harassment smell in his Twitter account. This makes the player has decided to close his account. Meanwhile, the club condemned the treatment received by his players.

"Harassment in social networking is something that disgusting. Tweet racist Mikel totally unacceptable. Had informed the police about this. # CFC supportive of affirmative action," Chelsea said in a statement on Twitter.
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AVB Wait Problem UEFA action Racist Chants

Tottenham Hotspur manager, Andre Villas-Boas, admitted to not hear any racist chanting during the match counter Lazio at White Hart Lane on Thursday (20/9). Reportedly, the game's Europa League Lazio fans hurl racist chants against players pitched the Lilywhites.
Andre Villas-Boas berharap UEFA mengambil tindakan jika terbukti ada nyanyian rasialis. (Foto: Dok.Daylife)
UEFA president Michel Platini, was in the stands at the game. On the other hand, it is claimed Lazio fans create a sound like a monkey, addressed to Jermain Defoe, Andros Townsend, and the captain, Aaron Lennon.

Although not heard directly pitched singing racists, Villas-Boas claimed expect UEFA to fully investigate this matter if proven true. "UEFA is very active in dealing with this situation. Goal is to eliminate racism from football," he said.

"I can not appoint anyone for not hearing it.'s The duty of the authority to take that in the investigation," said Villas-Boas.

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Ruler Hit Wicket, Nikica Jelavic Absent Two Weeks

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Damn it can not be denied Everton striker, Nikica Jelavic. He was forced to miss two weeks and not due to collide with other players, but when he was forced to hit the crossbar.
Nikica Jelavic meringis menahan rasa sakit di lututnya. (Foto: Getty Images)
In the early minutes of the match Everton cons Newcastle United (17/9), midfielder Marouane Fellaini fired a shot into the goalkeeper Steve Harper. Loose ball in front of goal try Jelavic struck however, he failed to put a halt to his knees so that collisions can not be avoided.

After the incident, Jelavic can still fill the front lines of the Toffees. However, in the 44th minute, the players finally pulled out to be replaced by Victor Anichebe.

Reported by the Daily Mail, the attacker's nationality Croatia felt her knees go off for two days. Due to injuries he received, Jelavic is expected to be absent when his team met Swansea City and Southampton, as well as counter Leeds United in the League Cup.
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Lucho Gonzalez scored for the Father

Lucho Gonzalez scored the opening goal for Porto win 2-0 at Stadion Maksimir, Zagreb Dinamo cage. However, apparently there is sad news that characterizes their performance in the Champions League on Tuesday (18/9) it.

After the match, Porto's new captain just announced that his father had died. In fact, the sad news has gotten a few hours before the game starts. He apparently did not want to make his teammates concentration divided.

"I promise I will score a goal for him. Upon hearing the sad news, I talked to the coach and his staff. They provide full support to me, "said the midfielder.

Porto coach, Vitor Pereira himself praised the professionalism she showed. Then, he also threw praise for Porto presented an impressive performance.

"We were the better team throughout the match. We should have scored two early goals as it continues to dominate and create chances. We need to maintain this standard for the next game, "said the coach.
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Raheem Sterling So Dad at Age 17

Congratulations for prodigy Liverpool, Raheem Sterling. Players 17 years of the so-called has a bright future at Liverpool has become a father.

As reported by the British newspaper The Sun, a baby girl named Melody Rose is now two months old.

Tuesday, the baby's mother, Melissa Clarke, confirmed it: "Yes, Raheem was the father of my baby."

Female 23 years old who live in the area of ​​Toxteth, Liverpool have uploaded pictures of her baby on Twitter.

He also wrote a message to winger back number 31 was: "Thank you mother made me this beautiful baby @ sterling31."

After the match, Melissa wrote another message: "@ sterling31 Melody says 'well done, daddy.'"

Sterling managed to steal the attention of lovers League after successfully penetrate the main squad Liverpool upbringing Brendan Rodgers.

Not only that, the Jamaican-born youth also received a call to strengthen the Three Lions in World Cup qualifying, having previously had often become the mainstay of British junior team.

Meanwhile, the Reds club spokesman declined to comment about the birth of the child because it was considered to be related to Sterling's personal affairs.

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Manchester City Lose, former Oasis frontman Misbehaving

The former vocalist of the band Oasis, Liam Gallagher was very disappointed with the defeat of Manchester City in the opening match of Group D Champions League 2012-13. He was even reluctant to watch the game until the end.

City should bring home a 2-3 defeat of Real Madrid headquarters, Santiago Bernabeu, Tuesday, September 18, 2012 or Wednesday morning Indonesia time. In fact, the Premier League champions were superior first time.

Gallagher seemed enthusiastic when the City opened the scoring in the 69th minute goal by Edin Dzeko. After Marcelo goal (76 ') to make the position a draw, The Citizens regained the lead thanks to goals from Aleksandar Kolarov (85').

Unfortunately, the two goals at the end of the game Madrid scored Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo was dammed mainstay City goalkeeper Joe Hart. Gallagher was reluctant cheered again when the position draw for the second time. Moreover, his favorite team had to swallow defeat.

"Liam was very disappointed as Madrid returned to find his best. He and his friends immediately left the stadium before the match finished. They came out without escort, "a source tells The Sun.
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Newcastle Fans Will Appear As Toddlers

During this famous Newcastle fans their mettle against the cold by appearing topless. However, this practice is likely to change soon, because Newcastle have released the canal for their costumes.
Fans Newcastle Bakal Tampil Seperti Balita
Warm clothes as it appears in the image above is generally subject children. The club itself called costume "fit and warm."

You can imagine how the Toon Army reaction to hearing this. Monday they did not hesitate in showing off belly Goodison Park stadium.

"Supporters opponents certainly laugh if we use (canal) that," said one of the Newcastle fans.

Fans else added on Twitter: "@ NUFCOfficial, not a day went by that you are trying to sell something silly on us."

But apparently not all Newcastle fans hate that pajama-style costume.

One supporter said, "If I do not get this dress at 40th anniversary later, hell definitely come."

There is even another fan who wisely responded: "Perhaps the long dress is acceptable. I remember my father wearing something like that in the 80s just for the fun as a night out."

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Pique-Shakira Blessed Baby Soon

Happy news coming from the pair Gerard Pique and Shakira. Colombian singer announced that she was pregnant with her love with Pique fruit.

The news was reported directly by Shakira via personal websites and accounts-accounts in social networking.

"As you know, Gerard and I are very excited awaiting the birth of our first baby! Now we've decided to give priority to a unique moment in our lives and delaying promotional activities in the next few days," Shakira wrote on her personal website.

Not mention how old Shakira womb. But when news of the pregnancy broke the first time in June, called Shakira gestation had stepped on the second month. The baby was born in early 2013 predicted.

To welcome the presence of the baby, an official partner in a relationship since April 2011 it was also rumored to have bought a mansion in Barcelona.

Pique himself had enthusiastically welcomed the birth of her first child. This was evidenced by Barcelona defender put a picture of a baby pacifier in his Twitter account avatar.

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Madame Tussauds Wax Statue Got Messi

One more name entered as a football player sculpture collection at the Museum Maddam Tussauds. Now turn to the Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, who made the statue.

As reported by Football Espana, Messi finished third footballer "immortalized" in the museum which is located in London. The first was David Beckham, followed later by a rival Messi of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The third addition to the star, another football figures made famous statue is the Portuguese manager, Jose Mourinho.

Messi statue itself was introduced to the public at Wembley Stadium by Jim Kempton, Thursday (20/9). Wembley was chosen because it is the venue where the Champions League final this season.

The usual figures made statue at Tussaud's museum is Maddam who have achievements in their respective fields and became a phenomenon. Messi the Ballon d'Or three titles tentun in the criteria.
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Merseyside United, When Rivalry Not Everything

Monday, 17 September 2012

Everton's game against Newcastle United, there is something very touching tribute related to Hillsborough tragedy. Everton are specifically set up such a beautiful tribute to the 96 Liverpool fans who died in the tragedy.
Dua anak memakai kostum Liverpool dan Everton sebagai tribut tragedi Hillsborough/LFC
Although the Toffees are rivals of the Reds, they respect and always support related justice pathetic tragedy in the world of football.

In tribute, seen two children dressed in costumes Everton and Liverpool holding hands. And wearing costumes numbered nine and six indicating 96 Hillsborough victims. It is confirmed that Merseyside united city for 96 victims of Hillsborough, "Merseyside United".

Everton is also a photo of the victim with a 96's classic song The Hollies' He Is not Heavy, He's My Brother. "

"I want to thank all the staff and fans of Everton related tribute and support they provide to families of the victims of Hillsborough. We are indeed rivals, however, the two clubs have always supported each other. Currently rivalry like this show is not everything. It demonstrate the uniqueness of the city of Liverpool, "said Liverpool director Ian Ayre.

Manager David Moyes also spoke about the Hillsborough tragedy. "I and everyone at Everton along with the Hillsborough families. I am a football fan, a father, and proud to see that the family continues to struggle for the sake of someone they care about."
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Hillsborough: Football Clubs Give Support

Hillsborough tragedy lies related to the discovery of apparently large enough impact, particularly in the UK. Liverpool fans can finally breathe easier after the escape of the charge for the last 23 years regarding the incident, which killed 96 fans that.
Papan elektronik raksasa di Madejski Stadium menampilkan ungkapan simpati. (Foto: Dok.SOCCER)
Last weekend, a variety of clubs from several divisions expressed sympathy and support to the victim's family tragedy Liverpool and it's heartbreaking. Arsenal for example, promptly at 3:06, their fans sang together a song synonymous with the Reds, You'll Never Walk Alone.

In contrast to what happened at the Madejski Stadium and the Stadium of Lights, cage Reading and Sunderland. In particular, there is a giant electronic board at the stadium featuring writing meaningful support and sympathy for the families of the victims. Even in the area of ​​the Stadium of Lights, mounted flags at half-mast to commemorate the tragedy of Hillsborough.

Earlier, in the match Manchester City Stoke City counter, You'll Never Walk Alone played right before the fight took place. Rows of clubs such as Glasgow Celtic, Norwich City, West Ham United, Cardiff City, Charlton Athletic and also do not forget to give her support.

Nearest neighbors Liverpool, Everton did not want to lose. They will also do the same thing before the game begins cons Newcastle United (17/9). In Italy, the club Napoli fans also unfurled banners reading support and sympathy.
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